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We commit to love and serve our customers to transform their day.

We will revolutionize our customers’ experience by making our stores
hubs of innovative solutions and positivity.

We will fulfill our Mission and Vision by living our
Core Values:

Love each other and our customers.

    • We believe that our people are the most important part of our business.
    • We take pride in our thoughtful and caring service to both our internal and external customers.

Be a person of high character.

    • We believe that character counts.
    • We believe that “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.” – Tony Dungy. 
    • If we say it, we do it.

Work hard and be ready to grow.

    • We do not shy away from the challenges that come our way.
    • We out-hustle our competition.
    • We know that hard work is a win for both the team and our customers.

Find creative solutions.

    • We see problems as opportunities for us to show just how creative we can be.
    • We know customers depend upon us to help create the best options for their happiness and success.
    • We know how and when to lean on one another to come up with the best solution.

Always have a positive and optimistic attitude.

    • We find strength, energy, confidence, and creativity by practicing being positive and optimistic. 
    • We embrace positivity and optimism and push back the mediocrity of a negative outlook on life, because attitudes are contagious.

Support the work and success of others.

    • We are committed to helping all team members have a great work experience.
    • We place a high value on healthy relationships with one another and maintaining a positive work culture.
    • We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to win at work.


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